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If your Tibia Account is already connected to an authenticator, click on "Use Authenticator". A field will be displayed which allows you to provide your authenticator token along with your account data upon login. Otherwise, you will be asked for your authenticator token in the next step.

An authenticator is a security feature which helps to prevent any unauthorised access to your Tibia account! You can connect your account to an authenticator via your account management page.

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Server Online
Top Experience
Cabra Baiakero
1012, Royal Paladin
823, Master Sorcerer
664, Master Sorcerer
4 - Lokinho Roots
629, Royal Paladin
5 - Gandalf
626, Master Sorcerer
6 - Modo Tank
619, Elite Knight
7 - Oneshot
567, Royal Paladin
8 - Dyth Sack
562, Elder Druid
9 - Hermione
546, Master Sorcerer
10 - Tex Da Paramax
542, Elder Druid

War Castle
Nenhuma guild domina!